We provide customers with fast and high-quality stainless steel cutting services

The processed product does not require further edge optimization, which greatly improves the customer's production efficiency and reduces production costs.

  • Laser Cutting
    Laser Cutting
    It is suitable for more complex and high-precision shape and contour materials, especially the cutting of thinner plates, so it is an ideal choice for processing high-end products.
  • Plasma Cutting
    Plasma Cutting
    The working area can reach 3×5 meters, and it can cut stainless steel plates of various grades with a thickness of 3-150 mm. In most cases, the cutting needs to be performed underwater, so as to ensure the flatness and straightness of the final parts, while reducing the affected area.
  • Waterjet Cutting
    Waterjet Cutting
    The tolerance of water jet cutting is small and the cutting surface is smooth. During the processing, there will be no oxidation of metal materials, no residual stress and heat-affected zone, avoiding secondary processing, which greatly saves time and manufacturing costs, and achieves the best economic benefits for customers.
  • Stable Job
    Stable Job
    We purchase high-quality imported machine tools. When the machine tool is working, the table and the workpiece will not move. The laser head movement design with small inertia and high dynamic performance is adopted to greatly improve the accuracy and stability of the machine tool. Convenient exchange of tables reduces machine standby time and improves equipment utilization.
  • Automatic control
    Automatic control
    The automatic programming software that comes with the cutting machine directly generates the numerical control processing program from the graphic file. At the same time, the communication software can be used to make the CNC and the computer implement two-way communication, and the drawing on the computer is convenient and simple. Automatic nesting and discharging can improve the utilization rate and production efficiency of plates.
  • High-quality equipment performance
    High-quality equipment performance
    Imported pneumatic components ensure the correct function of the machine tool. Various orchestration can be automatically converted for cutting various materials and plate thicknesses. High-pressure auxiliary gas ensures clean cutting of stainless steel.