Metal heat treatment is one of the important processes in manufacturing

  • High pressure vacuum quenching furnace
    High pressure vacuum quenching furnace
    The maximum operating temperature of the vacuum quenching furnace is 1300℃, the heating chamber is equipped with a convection fan, nitrogen convection heating below 850℃, vacuum radiation heating above 850℃, and the heating chamber temperature is ±2℃, which can effectively ensure the quenching effect.
  • Fully automatic operation
    Fully automatic operation
    The control program of the quenching furnace adopts IPSEN's professional heat treatment software IPSEN "VACU-PROF" multifunctional software. The process execution is fully automated and supports multi-point workpiece hot spot monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of the vacuum quenching process. All processes, curves and other historical records Can be checked at any time.
  • Processing capacity
    Processing capacity
    The equipment processing capacity of the quenching furnace can meet the requirements of vacuum heat treatment of air-cooled die steel, solid solution of stainless steel, aging, vacuum tempering, annealing, demagnetization, etc., so that stainless steel can be delivered in full compliance with the special requirements of customers.
  • Pre-evacuated nitrogen protection pit annealing furnace
    Pre-evacuated nitrogen protection pit annealing furnace
    After pre-vacuuming, nitrogen is introduced for convection heating, which not only ensures the temperature uniformity and heating efficiency of the furnace pot, but also ensures the surface quality of the workpiece. Pit annealing furnace equipment process monitoring and recording use paperless recorder, all historical records can be queried in real time, batch by batch quality inspection, and reliable products are delivered.
  • Implementation of international standards
    Implementation of international standards
    The industry standard is based on the North American Die Casting Association standard NADCA207-2008, and in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001-2000 quality management system, the data of order receipt, delivery, on-site production, inspection, shipment and abnormal handling are fully monitored and recorded. To ensure product quality.
  • Quality inspection
    Quality inspection
    The heat treatment is equipped with a variety of high-precision testing equipment, which effectively guarantees the quality of heat treatment from the material entering the furnace to the finished product leaving the factory.